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Silky Soft "Why leave the Jeannie in the bottle" Hair Care Treatment

Silky Soft hair care treatment
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Essential ingredients hair needs to become healthy and to stay healthy. Helps hair to obtain and maintain its health during all three growth cycles – (the growth phase), (the regressing phase), and (the resting phase). No single conditioner like Silky Soft has all of these essentials.

Hair Care Treatment


Helping hair to obtain and maintain it’s health while going through all 3 growth cycles. There is not one conditioner that has all the essentials that the hair needs to be healthy, therefore it can take a Salon Professional quite a few visits to get a clients hair where it needs to be. Well, this treatment has all the essentials the hair needs to not only become healthy but to stay healthy.


Here are a few of the ingredients:


1. Vitamin E which is sometimes used in medical treatments such as dialysis and radiation to reduce unwanted side effects of the drugs for hair loss, it also acts as an antioxidant which means it slows down processes that damage cells.

2. Amino acids are essential for building new cells including hair. Combinations of this form keratin to make hair softer, manageable and flexible.

3. Fortifier, which makes hair stronger, replenishes lost moisture, helps hair resist breakage and shedding and as a result hair is stronger, shinier and healthier. You can see results in the first treatment.


Here are some of the advantages of using Silky Soft "Why leave the Jeannie in the Bottle" on your hair.


  • The anagen is a cycle of the growth phase, it will ensure hair is continuing to stay healthy by building new cells.
  • The  catagen is a regressing phase and telogen is the resting phase, there are five amino acids that are relevant to hair growth which are methionine, cystine, cysteine, arginine, and lysine. Aloe vera has four of those amino acids.
  • There is the shedding phase exogen, that is independent of anagen and telogen which one of several hairs that might arise from a single follicle exit, but the fortifier ensures strength so there is less shedding. Also because of the amount of vitamin E used the antioxidant slows down damaged hair cells so it helps to repair hair that has been damaged from braids, weaves, chemicals, over processed hair, restores life to natural hair, and hair damaged from color.
  • Overall Silky Soft will help your hair obtain its health and stay healthy.


How to use:


Shampoo hair then distributes Jeannie In A Bottle throughout hair evenly, comb through, puts on process cap for 20 Min with or without a dryer. For fine or multicultural hair give a light shampoo. May be used on other nationalities.


Melva has been doing background research on diet, exercise, medication, stress, hormones, hydration, and the effect they all have on the hair. This is not a kitchen product! This has been 10 years of research and hard work and the proof is in the pudding. Just give it a try. Silky Soft was granted is its license by the United States Patent And Trademark Office June 06, 2012. FDA Approved, No Animal Cruelty.



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